Guideship Consulting Services offers bespoke ship recycling, HSE and hazardous materials related training through the expertise and knowledge. The training can be tailored to specific audiences, purposes and budgets and be delivered at clients’ premises worldwide.

We, at Guideship Consulting Services LLP, stand for building quality, instilling professionalism and creating competence in our endeavor to develop workforce with an elaborate and comprehensive training packages-aiming at molding behavior of safety personnels. We also undertake to plan and execute training programs on various industrial subjects for workmen, supervisors, managers and top cadre of the management. This is done with our expert, experienced and elite training faculty having multi-disciplinary technical background and experience in large and complex industrial installations.

We specialize in customized trainings, which incorporate the specific needs and purposes of the client, adapts to their existing plans, procedures and work environment and considering level and understanding of target audiences. So, all the training solutions can be customized suiting specific requirements and work culture. Any other requirement of training can be develop and delivered on request.

The training course can be also compiled and custom made as per the demand of the clients. All the training modules combine "In Class" Training sessions with "On Field" training.

Trainers have the necessary competence and responsible task of moulding the work-behaviors of the people at work site in order to optimize the work-culture to deliver the work-output having right quality and quantum with HSE aspects duly blended there in. This is done by set of qualified, experienced and emeritus trainers who have had the actual feel of the work. The site-experience gives an added edge of better appreciation of work methodologies that take care of site-problems being faced by workmen, supervisors and managers.

Guideship Consulting Services has in its panel of trainers, technical and management professionals who obtained sound technical base from professional institutions, then worked in green and brown fields in various capacities, and later shifted into OSHE fields to shoulder HSE responsibilities. Such a blend of opportunity and ability provides an added and superlative advantage to Guideship Consulting Services Sentinels trainers with which they bring real benefits to the working set of people of any client. Our trainers are best-placed and well-versed in providing custom-made, need-based, user-friendly, fun-to-use and at the same time rich-in-content delivery to the people in industry.

Popular courses include:
  • Identification and management of Hazardous Materials.
  • Asbestos Awareness & Management.
  • Health and Safety for Managers.

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